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Frequently Asked Questions
Is Stand Up Paddle Boarding Difficult?

Everyone is always surprised at how well they do their first time.  As long as you feel comfortable with our essential eligibility requirements you will have no problem.  We recommend any of our flat water paddle options for first timers.  

Do I have to stand the whole time?

Absolutely not.  You can kneel or sit at any time and take a break.  Stand ups are very versatile when it comes to comfort.  In my opinion way less stress on your body than sitting in a kayak all day.  

Do your feet hurt?

Your probably going to work your muscles in your feet more than ever before and after a day on the water they'll be nice and tired.  It'll actually bring more feeling into your feet.  Shoes or sandals will go on the trip with you but you can kick them off on some of our flat water paddles and stash them under the bungees on your board.  We always wear shoes in the whitewater.  The safest shoe in whitewater is something free of laces or straps.  They can get snagged on river hazards.  

Is that a surf board?

Not quite but they do share a lot of similar characteristics.  The boards we use are inflatable made by Hala Gear.  9 1/2' long  34" wide  and 6" thick.  They are light to carry.  Easy to paddle and on the occasion you take a spill, forgiving to fall on and pull yourself back onto.   

Do I have to wear a PFD?

PFD = Personal Floatation Device


Whitewater.  Yes, no exceptions.  

Flatwater.  We will always start with PFDs on and always wear them when we are putting in and taking off of the water.  If you are feeling comfortable through the trip and need to work on your tan.  You can shed the PFD, but it most remain on the board at all times.  State Law.    

WVSUP reserves the right to require guests to put the PFD on anytime through out the trip.  

What do I bring?

Less is better.  The River Booty strikes often.  It loves to swallow up sunglasses, cameras, phones, rings and jewelry.  Proper shoes or sandals are a most.  Sun protection.  Clothes that can get wet.  Bottle of water. They'll be a couple of Watershed dry bags to put any must have items in.  I'll have a camera with me and will snap photos of our paddle to share with the group.  

What's that on your leg?

It's Psorisas.

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